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A practical financial tool that allows you to calculate the returns yielded by investments.

Mutual Fund Calculator

Calculate your Mutual Funds Returns, SIP & LumpSum(One-Time) Investments, Scheme-Wise Returns

Mutual Fund Calculator

What is Mutual Fund Calculator?

Mutual fund calculators are a tool, which provide you with measurable heading to rearrange your investments. Through this MF calculator, you’ll be able to calculate the price of your investment at the time when it gets matured, which would be purely supported by your speculation prospects.

The ‘mutual funds investment calculator,’ may be a practical financial tool that allows an investor to calculate the returns yielded by investing in mutual funds. In broad terms, there are two ways during which one can invest in mutual funds – only once & monthly.

The benefits of a Mutual Fund Calculator:
  • It provides you with the full evaluation for 1 year, 3 year and 5year investment periods.
  • It allows you to do financial planning for your future, based on the estimated returns.
  • You do not need to be an expert to use this calculator. The process is really simple and even a ‘first time user’ can navigate it easily.

Margin Calculator

Figure out exactly how much money you need to maintain a portfolio of Equities, Futures, Options, Currency Derivatives and Commodities.

Margin Calculator

What is Margin Calculator?

Tradebulls Margin Calculator is a simplified calculator that can help you calculate the margin requirements of F&O strategies whenever trading cash, currency, commodities and F&O before trading. This is the underlined concept of ‘gross margin calculator.’ Before you start F&O trading, you need to deposit a so-called initial margin with your broker. The purpose is to protect brokers, when they suffer losses due to price fluctuations when buying and selling futures and options. The fields of different indexes and scripts are different. Therefore, you need an F&O margin calculator to calculate the margin to trade in the equity or index F&O that suits you the best.

The benefits of a Margin Calculator:
  • Margin benefit you get for taking calendar spreads (taking opposite positions on different expiry of the same contract)
  • Option writing margins.
  • Margin benefit for various multi-leg option strategies like iron condors, straddles, strangles and more.

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