Stock Market Research Analyst

Module VI

Stock Market Research Analyst

This module aims to enhance the quality of services provided by research analyst in the financial services industry.



Stock Market Research Analyst

Module Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Analyst profession and Securities Profession

Chapter 2

Fundamentals of Research and Terminology

Chapter 3

Analysis - Economic and Industry

Chapter 4

Company Analysis - Qualitative and Quantitavive

Chapter 5

Valuation Principles

Chapter 6

Fundamentals of Risk and Reward

Chapter 7

Research reports and Compliance

Module Objective 

  • Know the basics of Indian Securities Markets and different terminologies used in equity and debt markets
  • Learn about the top down and bottom up approach to fundamental research
  • Know the basic principles for micro and macro-economic analysis, the sources of different information for analysis and the various macroeconomic variables affecting the analysis.
  • Know the key industry drivers and sources of information for industry analysis.
  • Understand about the Qualitative and Quantitative dimensions with regards to Company Analysis.
  • Learn about the Fundamentals of Risk and Return, Valuation Principles and the philosophy of various Corporate Actions.
  • Understand the qualities of a good research report.