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What is One-Time (Lumpsum) Calculator?

A lump sum investment calculator infers one whole of money contributed just at once, instead of little sums contributed routinely. The lumpsum calculator calculates the maturity sum of the lumpsum amount contributed for a specific duration.

You need to enter the lumpsum amount, investment tenure and choose the plan among the list of plans offered by Tradebulls Securities, merely where you would like to speculate in. As a result, it'll show the investment straight away and therefore the returns for the amount, when a lumpsum investment is formed through ‘lumpsum mutual fund calculator.’ You will see that investing over a protracted duration, has the potential to develop your riches essentially.

Few of the advantages of One-Time calculators include:
  • This calculator provides you with the estimated returns for the entire investment period. You can calculate your investments’ 1-year, 3-year and 5-year returns using this calculator.
  • It’s incredibly convenient and simple to use. Even a lay person can use this calculator with ease.
  • It offers a fairly accurate estimate. Note that investment company investments are subject to promote risks, and can't be predicted with pinpoint accuracy.
  • An MF lumpsum calculator enables an investor to plan his/her finances better. These finances are supported by the estimated return they're probably to receive at the tip of their investment period.
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One-Time (Lumpsum) Calculator

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