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Equity & Derivatives Trading

Invest in shares to generate long-term wealth or take the high risk of entering the derivative segment for lucrative returns. Tradebulls will hand-hold you in equity trading and lend invaluable guidance to manage risks involved in derivatives trading.

Commodity Trading

Are you seeking investment opportunities in new markets ? Commodity derivatives is an emerging investment gateway. Global market movements have an impact on commodity prices. We at Tradebulls, thoroughly understand these fluctuations in the commodity prices and use high-end analysis to derive easily consumable insights from time to time.

Currency Trading

Globalization has led to an increase in foreign investments. With the growing pace of international trade and developments in the world economies, the value of currency keeps changing. We help investors with timely tips to benefit from these changes at the trading using our high-end currency analysis tools.

IPO Opportunities

IPO or Initial Public Offer gives investors the opportunity to invest early in companies and gain higher investment returns in a shorter time span. Our team at Tradebulls keeps track of companies entering the capital markets. Our timely guidance will guide you to make the right investments for your portfolio, at the right time.

Mutual Fund

Enjoy carefully selected mutual fund investment plans to fulfil your investment goals. Right from choosing well-suited mutual funds to enabling seamless management of your portfolio of diversified funds, our experts take care of your every need. Our fund managers guide you with in-depth information and research insights.

Trading Online

Everything that you ever wanted to be at your fingertips for trading in the various investment markets is available with our well-structured online trading facility. An intuitive interface, well organized data and 24/7 online support gives you a seamless trading experience.

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