Basic Demat Account

Steps to Take if Your Stock Broker Refuses to Close your Trading Account

08 Feb 2021

If the brokerage firm is not working in a transparent manner or is working with malafide intentions then here are series of steps listed by the reg

Share Market Basics

What is the difference between NSE and BSE?

30 Dec 2020

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is probably the most established exchange over the world, while the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is among the best

IPO Basics

IPO Process: 5 steps for Successful Listing

18 Dec 2020

5 Important steps a company should take to go Public via IPO. Click here to know more.

Trading Account Basics

What is Free-Float Market Capitalization?

14 Jan 2021

Free float market capitalization ascertains the market capitalization of the company subsequent to mulling over just those shares of a company that

Basics of Intraday Trading

What Is a Stop Order?

25 Jan 2021

A Stop order is a trade order where the trader can stop the order or can leave the trading channel once a specific price for the stock is reached.

Online Share Trading Basics

4 Ways to Pick Multibagger Stocks

15 Jan 2021

Multibagger stocks are those stocks that generates returns multiple times more than their initial investment values. Click here to know more.

Mutual Fund

What is Expense Ratio in Mutual Funds?

11 Jan 2021

The expense ratio is a critical component of the overall expense on mutual fund investment that an investor has to bear.


What is algo trading?

30 Dec 2020

Although algo trading is the new-age trading which is likely to be the dominant form of trading in the near future, yet the institutional investmen

Currency Trading

Why can't RBI print unlimited currency?

31 Dec 2020

Why can't RBI print unlimited currency? - The answer is much more complex than considering it to be just any other possibility.

Derivatives Trading

What is Margin of Safety?

04 Jan 2021

The margin of safety is a rule of putting resources into which an investor possibly purchases securities when their market price is essentially ben