Steps to Take if Your Stock Broker Refuses to Close your Trading Account

On the off chance that a brokerage comes up short, another financial firm may consent to purchase the company's assets and accounts will be moved to the new overseer with little interference. There have been instances wherein the broker, instead of acting in good faith has refused to take directions from the actual investor. In such cases, it can be said that the brokerage firm is not working in a transparent manner or is working with malafide intentions. However, there is no need to worry as the regulatory authorities have listed out a series of steps that the investor can take as a remedial measure.

Step 1 – Write to the broking head with documentary evidence and proofs

Normally, if there is no duty in your account and in the event that you give a solicitation to close the demat and trading account, the broker will execute the equivalent inside seven days. On the off chance that that isn't occurring, you should caution the broking head with acknowledged duplicates of your application of conclusion. The broking head is thus the first point of contact for you. 

Step 2 – Based on the matrix, approach the CEO and Compliance Officer

This is a stage which you need to take just if the broker doesn't close the trading and demat account regardless of giving them sufficient opportunity and raising to the broking head. In the event that there is a real explanation behind the defer it is OK, otherwise you should keep in touch with the CEO and the consistence officer. In a perfect world, this letter should be hand conveyed to the office and you can demand a stepped acknowledgment as a future reference. 

Consistence officers are needed to report complaints and their goals to the exchange and SEBI consistently and any complaint given to the consistency office has bigger regulatory ramifications. Much of the time, the case doesn't cross this stage except if there is some debate in the account.

Step 3 –Escalate to NSDL / CDSL in case of Demat Issue

Account conclusion might be held upon the grounds that you are not getting acknowledgment for shares you have purchased or you are not getting back shares given to the broker pool account as margin. The following stage, then, is to raise the issue with the fundamental depository for your situation for example NSDL or CDSL. Keep in mind, the depository can teach the broker/DP to impact the exchange. 

Step 4 –Take the issue to the stock exchanges in case of trading account

On the off chance that the issue relates to your trading account where adjusts are not being moved to your ledger, you should promptly heighten with the BSE and the NSE. The exchange normally takes as much time as is needed, yet continue stamping duplicates of such sends or messages to the CEO of the broker and to the consistence officer too. This will keep the pressure on to act quickly.

Step 5 – File an official complaint with the SEBI SCORE system

The first methodology is to approach the recorded company or enlisted middle person for redressal of complaint. On the off chance that this element rejects the complaint, or doesn't react, or in the event that you are not happy with the answer, hold up a complaint on SCORES. 
From August 1, 2018, investors should stop a complaint on SCORES inside a long time from the date of the reason for complaint. Document your complaint by setting off to the SEBI Web webpage, and then to Investor corner/complaint enlistment. A PDF report of up to 2 MB size can likewise be appended to support the complaint. On effective accommodation, you will get a one of a kind enrolment number, which should be referenced in future correspondence. 

Step 6 – Apply emphasis through social media or discussion forum

Normally, in the event that you find that the broker is being inert in spite of rehashed updates and accelerations, then you can utilize online media to put pressure. There are online media forums, Twitter handles and Facebook pages that can be utilized to place pressure in uncommon cases yet these don't have any lawful status. Nor would you be able to be guaranteed of results.

From the above, it is clear that having a trusted brokerage firm for your assistance is very much essential as the market dynamics and behavioral matrix cannot be dictated. A firm like Tradebulls is your assistance and consultation guide for all the investment decisions.