Frequently Asked Questions

Trading FAQs

Is it safe to trade online or are there risks in trading online?

The market risk is there is any type of equity trading and investing. You need to take extra care of online security. Here are a few pointers. For example, you must ensure your user name and passwords are kept safe and are also changed regularly. Avoid accessing your online trading account from cyber café or using a public wi-fi facility at malls / airports. These are not secure. Always use dedicated internet connection and ensure to log out of your session each time.

If I enter an MIS trade online, whose responsibility is it to close the trade intraday?

The responsibility of closing an intraday trade well before the close is on the trading client. Normally, brokers run their RMS around 3.15 pm to check of any open MIS orders and any open orders are automatically closed out at the best available price by the system. In case, the system is not able to close the transaction due to a technical glitch, the onus is still on the customer only.

Can I buy equity, ETFs, futures, options and currency derivatives online?

You can execute all the above transactions on a single online account itself. Of course, you need to do additional documentation for F&O activation like submitting your proof of income and risk capacity. However, all transactions including ETFs and currency derivatives can be bought and sold through the same trading account.

Is it possible to open an online trading cum demat account without paper work?

The process is called E-KYC wherein you can authenticate with your Aadhar card and open a trading demat account. The process is almost seamlessly online and can be completed from the broker website. Only the PAN card and cancelled cheque have to be scanned and uploaded online. All the other data is taken directly from Aadhar database with the help of OTP authentication. You only need to an in-person-verification (IPV) and send a physical copy of the Power of Attorney agreement on registered stamp paper.

What happens if my internet connection is down or the system is too slow?

Technology can be quite unpredictable at times and that is why Tradebulls provides the back-up call-n-trade facility. Here you can call up the call centre and put the trades on phone after appropriately authenticating yourself. This back up facility is a redundancy available to you in the event of any exigency.