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TNS CCIL-MTM Prices Of Gilts, T-bills Jul 1 - Table


21:7:24 IST

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CCIL-MTM prices.)

   MUMBAI, Jul 1 Ticker News Service): CCIL-Mark to Market (MTM) prices of government of India dated securities and Treasury bills are calculated by Clearing Corp of India Ltd at the end of each trading day. CCIL-MTM prices are expressed in terms of clean price; accrued interest is not taken into account for arriving at such prices.
   The MTM price is the weighted average price of each security based on last five outright trades of the day (or all trades, if number of trades in the security during the day is less than five). Face value of trades below Rs 50 million and market outliers are ignored.
   In case a security is not traded on a particular day, its previous day's price is considered as MTM price. However, if the price has been repeated for six days or the previous day's price is not in line with market conditions, CCIL's model price is used as MTM price. 

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