The investment plans are customised with the aim of helping you achieve your future goals in simple steps. Designed for identifying your specific financial goals, risk appetite and setting a timeline for achieving it. So take the first step towards achieving financial independence.

Identify Your Financial Goals, Set A Timeline, Reach Your Target

Goal-based investing uses the future value of a goal as a benchmark, Goal Based Investing is a relatively new approach to wealth management emphasizing investing with discipline to acheive specific goals.

You Plan to fulfil your future need

Target helps you Identify Accurate Amount To Fulfil Your Financial Goal. The time by when you want to achieve it, and the money you will need for it.

You Maintain Fiscal Discipline

Target in your product portfolio helps you track your investments, it will help you to stay the course so you are more likely to deal with adverse market movements in a better way if you follow our goal-based investing.

Get Clear Picture Of Your Finances

Target helps you answer important questions like how much to invest, where to invest, and when to start investing. Also giving you a purpose to stay invested and help you fight impulsiveness in spending money.

How Target Is Used For Financial Planning

Set priorities

Set priorities, measure progress & stay motivated

Make Investments

Make Investments best fitting your target's time frame and risk appetite

Target is a smart way

Specific, Measurable, Actively, Realistic, Timely - Target is a smart way to achieve your financial target

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